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Complete 3D Home Design

A Closer Look

Working from home?  Know your needs.......

By Wolfgang Richter

Millions of Americans work from home today.  New technology allows a variety of professions to telecommute or work from home entirely. 

There are many different ways you can work from home.  I recently visited a customer of mine in Virginia, who is a builder.  Entering his office, I had no idea that he is actually working from home, because he had a separate building as an office, which connected through a breezeway to his upscale residence. This annex had two office rooms, a foyer for the secretary and a conference room upstairs. This is the ultimate work-from-home scenario.

However, for most of us working from home, it does not have to be so elaborate.  If you are contemplating working from home in an existing building or you want to incorporate a home office in a new home you are dreaming of, your home design professional will ask some important questions:

What do you produce and how much space do you need?
Will you need some help (employees?)
Will you have visitors, where do you meet them?
How will your work at home affect other members of your household?
Do you need storage space?
Do you have adequate utilities (power, light, HVAC) for your equipment and yourself?
Is it a healthy place to spend 8 hours of your day?
Do you need any approvals from local authorities to establish your workplace?

A building designer for your new home can develop a floor plan that meets your needs in a chosen location.  Even though you may not need the full space in the beginning, your business plans my direct you to the right thought to provide for future expansion.

Think of additional fundamentals of control:

Ensure your privacy.
Only a minimum of interruptions should be possible by family members, pets and private phone calls.  Have your own business phone line and your own computer, where only business is conducted. Remember, working from home demands an iron discipline. Your family members have to understand to respect your privacy.


Protect your equipment and business information
A backup device for your important information is essential in today's information technology and so are power backups to shield against power outages. A dedicated phone line, fax line or dedicated internet access line are essential.

Separate your business clients

The separation of private areas and business environment is especially important when you have clients visiting you. An entrance, apart from the main entrance of the house, if it can be arranged in an existing structure, would be nice.
No kids should be heard whining or dogs barking or the smell from the kitchen for an upcoming fish feast.

Access for later years in mind
An office in the lower level or upstairs may come to mind immediately when you think of a separate room for office work. Do not act too quickly on this thought. You  will access your office many times of the day and you do not want to climb stairs anytime you need to "look up something quick". Even if you have occasional customers, they are not necessarily in the best shape to go up stairs. Have all the essentials on one floor and your office at home is surely an essential.

In summary, have the design professional layout a place that feels just right for you. This is true for a home that he designs from scratch, a modification or an addition to an existing home.
The above points are important for the serious work-at-home person. If you just have a hobby business and are not after a supporting income, you can take these points more lightly.  A spare bedroom or a storeroom in the basement will do.

Complete 3D Home Design can deliver value for all your home design needs.



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