Complete 3D Home Design
Complete 3D Home Design
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Complete 3D Home Design

A Closer Look

Individually Created Homes Enjoyed To The Fullest

By Wolfgang Richter

Last January I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida. Besides an almost unbelievable number of displays and things to learn and see, I ventured out to see Sarah Susanka’s “Not so Big House”, about 10 miles away from the show itself. Sarah Susanka is a renowned architect living in Raleigh, NC.

Sarah’s idea of the not so big house is not just a smaller house, but a house which is extremely functional, homey and very efficient. The design of the house is tailor-made to the lifestyle of the owner, and every living space is thoughtfully created. This house had, beside the usual features, a lap pool and a garage connected to the house with a rather long breeze way. There was a studio as a bonus room over the garage with a nice view.

The welcoming entry in your house.

This is an item that is often overlooked when designing or buying a house. Does the entry of your house welcome visitors? Can the door bell been heard by the guest waiting outside communicating his arrival? Can the guest see the home owner approaching the door through sidelights? Is the guest out of the rain waiting to get into your home? If none of the above is the case, your guest may already feel unwelcome before he enters the house. Over and above, this kind of an entry gives him or her no clue what to expect inside. But it does not end here. The entry environment continues inside. A foyer is of utmost importance, where people coming in from the outside can transition from an outsider to an insider into the middle of someone’s private realm. This often takes several steps. A coat closet should be close by to help your arrivals to take off coats and possibly shoes. Nothing is more annoying and embarrassing to a guest when he finds himself immediately surrounded by squabbling kids, a noisy TV and a barking dog, standing on a light-colored carpet with muddy shoes. The foyer must help in the transition process for an outside person to become an inside person, welcomed by the home owner. Sarah Susanka has considered these features in her Florida show house.

With most of our homes in the mountains, the entry procedure starts when you walk on the driveway to the home. At this moment, you have already entered the territory of the home owner. The transition has been made; you no longer belong to the street. Sarah says it this way: “The key is to think of an entry as a process, not a thing. A good entry is a sequence of places, not simply a door.”

Your House of the Future

Marketers try to envision what the aging baby boomers really want for their later years. One thing seems to be certain: Most will not retire in the traditional sense of the word. Retirement needs to be redefined. Many will seek more and better insides to life after coming from an 8 to 5 rut. Others will look into a career change, possibly looking for some related activity of their former occupation, to use the skills they have acquired over a live time. This translates to a home of the future which is conducive to those activities; a home that has the least amount of maintenancepic and is functional in all levels of personal preferences and necessities now and in later years. New words for rooms will come up, like the “away room”, “the media room”, “TV room” etc.  The need for a quiet place just for one spouse or together, a world of its own without the interruptions and interferences they had to endure for a lifetime. The “computer room”, as a window to the world or the connection to a former business as a distant observer may become, what some people call now, the “command center”. A place where nobody looks over your shoulder, where nobody second guesses your decisions, a place to widen your knowledge base as it was never possible before, for reasons of time, opportunity and technology. No longer will the spare bedroom, which was the least favored room in the house, be good enough for the above purposes. The house of the future will be tailor-made for people who look forward to many productive years ahead of them and want to live in surroundings conducive to their live style they have dreamed of during their working years and deservedly so.

picThese homes with the individual flair can hardly be found in a home plan. Complete 3D Home Design can help you create a floor plan combined with 3D images which fits your desires and future lifestyle, which fits your dream property location, which fits in the natural surroundings and, last not least, will fit your budget. And all this before you break ground.



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