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Complete 3D Home Design
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Complete 3D Home Design

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Designing a House Means Delivering Value

By Wolfgang Richter

In today's world, it seems to be simple to get a house built.  You buy it lot in an acceptable neighborhood, go through various home building magazines available by the hundreds at Lowe’s or other department stores and pick a plan.  With this plan, you go to the builder, he gives you a price, may suggest a lender and a timeframe in which he can build your house.  With this information you go back home and let the process take its course.  Is it really that easy?

picIt is imperative for the homeowner to see every corner of the house inside and out in color and three dimensions before he commits to a plan or to a house he is comfortably with to live in.

Very often customers, even professional people in related businesses, have a hard time to envision a floor plan in a three dimensional model.  Even if they do, the spouses may have great difficulties in this respect.  However, they assume that there should be no surprises when they move into their new home when it is completed.

If you employ a home designer to create a model of your home, you have to see it as an investment.  A good design firm delivers value, not just a piece of paper. 

When a prospective owner buys a plan from a plan book, this plan may look alright to him or her, but does it fit on the property? Is it conducive to the surrounding area? Is it correctly exposed to the sun angle? Can the house be properly located considering the setbacks, drain lines, septic tanks and other restrictions in a given area?

Designing a home is a process which takes a certain time and cannot be rushed. Every step on the way has to be agreed by the owner, preferably through interactive design together with a home designer.  Individual concerns have to be taken in consideration, and many decisions have to be made early on, considering owner’s lifestyle 10 or 15 years from now.  It is not necessary to have individual person to person meetings, which is very often impractical.  The owners live out of town, or even halfway around the world and cannot come to meetings in person but to e-meetings to decide on details, which he or she sees in three dimensions - considering all things which will be cast in stone at a later date.
With today's technology, distance is not a problem.  The designer, in order to deliver value, has to subscribe to e-meeting software.  The participants can then meet over the internet in real time and can conduct interactive design of the future home of the owner.  This means the designer’s firm has to invest in the latest software and the fastest computers and other hardware to deliver the best of value.  This process is part of an investment into the future home of its clients.  When the time comes to move into the dream house, there should be no surprises.  Everything, even every detail in the kitchen, the bathroom and the outside of the home has been seen on the computer in 3-D before breaking ground.

Every prospective homeowner does himself a disservice not to take advantage of the latest technology available in this field today.

We are currently undergoing major global change, economically and environmentally and culturally.  For many folks, home designs have to be tweaked to result in an affordable home.  We are desperately in need of a better way of living, a home we have the funds for, one that makes us fundamentally happier and one that helps the rest of the world.  This is a design challenge, and the design profession is perfectly poised to bring these disparate pieces into a mutually reinforcing whole.

The design process is an integrated part of a multitude of services, which are needed to build a home.  It starts with a real estate agent, the real estate appraiser, the surveyor, the lending institution, the home builder, the building inspector as well as many institutions to obtain a permit.

Ideally, a home designer should be in constant communication with the prospective builder.  All the communications either by e-mail or by direct mail, should keep the builder in the loop, so he can raise a red flag, if a presented solution seems impractical or too expensive to build.

The builder can even take part in e-meetings, which may take place in three different locations simultaneously.  In this way, all the essential parties are informed at any given time about the process and the progress of the design of the home.

picThe goal is for the owner to have smooth sailing during the building process, to avoid cost overruns, and to have no surprises when moving into his or her new home.

Complete 3D Home Design, which invests in the latest electronic equipment, the fastest computers, the most up-to-date software and keeps itself updated in all relevant areas, can deliver those services.


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