Complete 3D Home Design
Complete 3D Home Design
Bridging the Gap between Idea and Reality
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Complete 3D Home Design Info for Builders

Help for the Building Professional:


Quality up, Building Time down, Cost zero!


Complete 3D Home Design has worked with many builders in the past by referral.


I can help you in the often time-consuming preliminary steps to get your customer’s idea clearly and precisely on paper, before breaking ground.


I will work with your customers to develop their idea into a final plan through the concept phase, the preliminary plan and the work plan. The preliminary plan is in ¼” scale with all the important details so you can give your customer a solid price for the project. The latest changes will then be included in the work plan, which is your home building document. 


During the entire process, you, the builder, will be “in the loop” at all times. You will receive copies of all correspondence between me and your customers.


This cuts your process time, saves you money and gives you more time to spend on the jobsite. There is no cost to you for his service. I will bill your customer directly.

I have worked as an independent building designer for many years. I utilize the latest ChiefArchitect Software and can expedite your building process by designing your customer’s homes according to your standards and specifications.


My turn-around time is usually 10 business days or as negotiated.


An important note:

I uphold clear Business Ethics and will be loyal to you, the builder. I will not suggest, reveal or recommend other building professionals for the project to your customer, which you have referred to me and have trusted me to handle on your behalf.



Eddie and Elizabeth Yountz in Lake Lure:
”Building a new home is not for the faint hearted and is definitely a roller coaster ride!  However, Wolfgang's help made it a lot easier.  He was invaluable understanding our wants, needs and tweaking the design to ensure that the final plans were exactly what we had envisioned. We really appreciated his patience, professionalism and willingness to work so closely with us designing our new home.  We would highly recommend him to anyone getting ready to design and build a new home."

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