Complete 3D Home Design
Complete 3D Home Design
Bridging the Gap between Idea and Reality
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Complete 3D Home Design

     What are the Steps for the Design Process?


There are three basic steps in the design process for your house:

The Concept Stage

The Preliminary Drawing Set

The Work Drawing Set


Three basic processes are the stepping stones to the final product, the drawings which represent the vision of your house in the best possible way.

The Concept Stage is the initial approach to a basic understanding between the customer and the designer. Unlike the typical home construction, the design process starts with the first floor, then basement and then second floor if applicable. It is also designed from “inside out” rather from outside in.


The Concept Stage, as the name implies, focuses mainly on the conceptional correctness, such as the floor plans of the house, ceiling heights etc. Changes and choices must be made by the customer mindful of his / her life style in 10 to 15 years from now. Floor plan designs are also infulenced by the lay of the land, sun angles and outdoor views. Your future home should be conducive to the land, not visa versa.

At this stage of the process, we are not concerned about colors, siding and electricals. The plan is a computer aided design product, which the customer can see on a monitor, with camera shots as needed for complete understanding and visualization. Several e-meetings are held with the customer and the project can be discussed “live”, by means of screen sharing. Customers will take part of the design process either over the internet or in person. At this point, the floor plans should be 95% complete, with only minor internal changes remaining.


The outside of the house, decks, porches, entry ways, outside stairways, window sizes and shapes should also be established at that time.


The end result of the concept stage will be reflected in the Preliminary Drawing Set. More dimensions will be added later for better understanding. This is not a construction drawing, but can be used to obtain a more accurate budget for the project. The prospective builder may make suggestions considering the latest building technology or simply make changes to save money in the building process.


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The next set consists of the Work Drawing Set: these plans show all ideas on paper. It is complete dimensionally, with elevations to scale and final 3D views. This set of plans can be submitted to receive bids and permits. Builders can easily build your home with these plans. In fact, this is the document from which your home will be built.

In addition to that, permitting authorities may require a survey, showing the positioning of the house, setbacks and so on.

Robert McCarter in Charlotte, NC :

“These e-meetings are fantastic and a terrific tool to fast forward the process. Your client viewer helped us to look around in our future home at our leisure. I showed it to an associate of mine. He is ready to build a house soon. I will recommend your services to him.”




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