Complete 3D Home Design
Complete 3D Home Design
Bridging the Gap between Idea and Reality
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Complete 3D Home Design

Complete 3D Home Design prepares house plans that bridge the gap to take your future home from an idea to reality. The key of this process is to keep you informed throughout the design process, every step on the way from the concept to the work drawing, which any builder can build your house from.

I specialize in designing homes for folks approaching their later years in life. My customized home plans incorporate a style of

Easy Living and a Safe Environment

with a goal of enjoying life without the daily hassles one had to deal with in previous years. This involves a multitude of design details to be considered up front.

I have created the

“Richter Scale” for Convenient and Suitable Living in Your Golden Years,

which is my guideline for any house I create a plan for, regardless of the lay of the land.

Starting with an idea, I develop a detailed concept of your home in several steps for your review, including 3D views and renderings. As we progress in several “e-meetings” or face to face, I draw preliminary plans and final working plans that are clear, precise and to your exact specifications; well understood by everybody before the job starts. This saves time and money on the job.

  We deliver VALUE in home design in 10 business days or less:
  Floor plans to your specifications
  Elevations and Sections
  3D Renderings
  Terrain / Building 3D views
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What is a building designer?
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