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Complete 3D Home Design
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A Computer based business with a very practical application

I recently interviewed Wolfgang Richter, who owns “Complete 3D Home Design, LLC” in Lake Lure, NC.
By Bill Beeman

Why do you do computer aided design?

When I was working in industry, I had draft persons working for me, who did factory layouts and other building designs. Sometimes I had so much to do, that I had to farm out the work. The young and eager folks, who came to me to get design contracts, inspired me to become more familiar with this kind of work. Some of them told me that they never drew with a pencil! That was an eye opener!

How did you launch your business?

Starting out with only one computer and a regular printer, I was quickly reminded that builders only want to see ¼” scale drawings, nothing else. Even though I had just bought the next size HP printer, I had to upgrade to a HP plotter to present my drawings in ¼” format on paper size 24” x 36”, which, in architectural terms, is a D-size format.

This was sufficient for a while, but as upgraded versions of Chief Architect were published, I  began working with two monitors. This allowed me to see my house designs grow in 3D on one monitor while working on the floor plan with the other.

When using CAD to design homes, one must work with the latest technology. Because I have customers out of state and overseas, I correspond with them mainly via e-mail. I can send floor plans for their approval, using the "Client Viewer Software", which enables my customers to move around with a camera in their future home and look in any corner to make sure things are exactly what they wish. They can “fly-by” the house and inspect it from the outside. I can even produce pictures of their real view to the mountains as they look out from their virtual living room or deck. On one occasion, a customer told me after moving into their home, “You showed me everything in advance, there were no surprises”. This was a very rewarding compliment to my business and the Chief Architect Software.

What do you like best about your business?
It is personally satisfying to see an idea become reality for the customer. This is true for any structure, whether it is a dream house or factory building.  Best of all, I have very flexible hours. The creative part of this business is another rewarding aspect. It allows me to customize each home to each client’s specific needs. No two homes are ever exactly the same!

What is the future?
More of the same, but better. I am working to improve communication with go-to-meeting and other effects like automated walk-throughs and impressive real-life terrain presentations.

Ed and Kathy Higbee, ready to move in their home shortly:

As My wife Kathy and I near the final completion of our beautiful home in Apple Valley, Lake Lure, we wish to take a moment to reflect back through all the planning and help that you have provided to us. From the initial help in selecting the final custom design that you were able to piece together from numerous models, through the actual design that provided the necessary function that made it come alive, including your ability to work with us via "e-meetings and client viewer" which gave us the ability to modify via internet between you in North Carolina and us in Florida to your coordination with our builder; the help of a friend was always there. Our home has developed from a dream to reality, without your professional and personal help we feel could not have happened so smoothly.   Once again, thank you, and we look forward to seeing you again (as a neighbor in Lake Lure) very soon.

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