Complete 3D Home Design
Complete 3D Home Design
Bridging the Gap between Idea and Reality
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i Complete 3D Home Design

A Closer Look

Do you buy a car by the pound?

When people start to think about building a home, they immediately begin to calculate how much a particular home would cost. (keep reading....)

Individually Created Homes Enjoyed To The Fullest

Sarah’s idea of the not so big house is not just a smaller house, but a house which is extremely functional, homey and very efficient.  (keep reading....)

Stairways: Necessity, Beauty or in the way?

What is it about stairs that provoke memories of movie sets and expensive tracts of homes with visions of glamorous living and cozy retreats to the upper rooms? (keep reading....)

Bath Rooms – The Most Expensive Real Estate in Your House

A bathroom is a very personal thing. It is, most importantly, very very private. To increase the value (keep reading....)

Creating the Perfect Space in your future Home
As a home designer, homebuyers often ask me: What is the best house plan for them. This is just such an open-ended question,  (keep reading....)


Designing a House Means Delivering Value
It is imperative for the homeowner to see every corner of the house inside and out in color and three dimensions before he commits to a plan  (keep reading....)


Working from home?  Know your needs.......
There are many different ways you can work from home.  I recently visited a customer (keep reading....)


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